Simpli5 (Express Aligner Systems)

All-new Simpli5 is your fast and simple aligner system for minor-to-moderate anterior crowding or spacing. Developed by Ormco’s AOA Lab, Simpli5 consists of up to five sequential trays for dual- and single-arch cases. Each tray generates up to 1/2mm of movement, or 5mm overall for a dual arch case.


  • Impressions to aligners in just 3-4 weeks
  • Ideal for former OrthoClear cases further along in treatment as well as for new cases involving minor-to-moderate movement


  • No certification or ClinCheck® required - experienced AOA lab techs do the work for you
  • Just send your impressions (stone model or PVS) and your prescription form to AOA


  • Costs 20% less than competitive aligner systems

Who are your ideal candidates for Simpli5?

  • Minor-to-moderate anterior crowding or spacing
  • Minor orthodontic relapse

Upper Arch with Spacing

Crowded Upper Arch

Rotated Upper Incisors

Crowded Lower Arch

Trapped Lower Laterals

Generalized Lower Spacing